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How To Start A Mastermind Group for Contractors

Regular discussions with other contractors can help you to discover new ways to improve your business.

But how do you start a mastermind group for contractors?

Plan Your Group

Mastermind groups are most effective when they’re focused.

When starting a group of your own, you might decide that you want to meet with other companies that are a similar size.

Other mastermind groups are focused around a particular construction type, service, or location.

For example, you might decide to organize a timber frame mastermind group, or a mastermind for remodelers.

Whatever the criteria, you need to lay this out before you begin building your mastermind group. You’ll be much more likely to find willing group members, and more likely to keep momentum going.

Set The Rules

Every mastermind group needs a set of rules and guidelines to keep everything going smoothly.

Some rules to consider:

  • What are the requirements for joining?
  • Will you charge for membership?
  • How often will you meet?
  • What happens if someone misses a meeting?

Find The Right Members

Once you know the types of contractors you want in your mastermind group, it’s time to bring together the team.

Locating the right members for your mastermind group can be a difficult task. As a contractor, you might start looking in your local network for non-competing businesses which you can learn from.

For the most benefit, though, you’ll need to look outside your market. By finding similar businesses in non-competing markets, you can share competitive details and provide honest feedback without worrying that you’re feeding the competition.

Find A Meeting Time

Contractors are always busy, so this can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

If you’re meeting with local business owners, an early-morning coffee or a happy hour will work just fine.

If you’re building a mastermind group of contractors in different regions and time zones, you’ll need a little more planning.

Start by asking each member for a list of the days and times that would work for them. Then, using a tool like, cross-reference the responses to check for the ideal moment.

Not every group will have a time that works perfectly for everyone. The important part here is to find a time that works for most, and then let the other members decide whether it’s worth making it work.

Host Your First Meeting

You’ve planned your group, set some rules, added members, and scheduled a meeting time. All that’s left is to host your first meeting.

With local groups, you’ll want to call ahead and make sure your meeting place is available. If you’re visiting a restaurant or coffee shop, talking to the manager might get you a reserved table.

With remote groups, you’ll need a conference call or video conference software like Zoom,, UberConference or Google Meet to get everyone together in one place. Make sure that you have enough “seats” for all of your members, as some tools are limited.

Also, make sure you know how to install any software before the meeting begins so that you’re not caught off guard by IT problems.

As the organizer of the group, you’ll probably need to spend a little time jump-starting conversations. You might be surprised at how quickly conversations take off on their own! Just make sure you stick to your plan, and keep an eye out for members who might be getting left out.


Don’t get stuck trying to grow your business alone. A good contractor mastermind can help you learn from others who have recently faced the same challenges.

You’ll receive feedback, advice, troubleshooting, and accountability from your group.

It can be a lot of work to assemble a group of contractors for a mastermind group, but the payoffs will be worth it.

Join A Contractor Mastermind Group

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